Health is a decision.

Your decision.

We could make it very easy for ourselves: develop products, then have them produced cheaply and at the expense of quality, start up and sell, sell, sell. We could. But we’re not. Because at Health Concierge the focus is on something far more important: your health.


This is why we develop high-quality nutritional supplements in their most natural form. Exactly the way the body absorbs them best. And there is another unique ingredient in our products: our home, a breeze of Tyrol. With its clear mountain air and refreshing mountain water.

Behind this prescription are experienced doctors who have been dedicated to holistic health for years. For your well-being. For your health.

Because it’s your decision.

Health is no coincidence.

What motivates us.

Grated apples with vitamin C and zinc or magnesium: this evokes childhood memories in our company founder Tristan Reisch. Vitamins and nutrient supplements keep our body fit and healthy – his mother Dr. Elke Benedetto-Reisch showed him this from an early age.

She knows what she is talking of: More than 15 years ago, Dr. Benedetto-Reisch developed high-quality nutrients. And this for purely personal use. Tristan and his team have further developed these very products. You can now find exactly these products in our range.

The motivation then as now is the same: to promote people’s health.