Only the best of everything.

Our promise.


The compositions of our supplements have been developed by renowned doctors. Due to the storage in our glass bottles the purity of our products remains.


Our pure substances convince with the best bioavailability. We don’t want to know about flavourings. Especially not from other additives.


We know our ingredients: they come from close. Our products are manufactured exclusively in Austria and Germany. This enables us to ensure consistent quality at all times.


Our environment is as important to us as your health. That’s why we use environmentally friendly materials for packaging. Protect our planet together with us.


Secrecy is not part of our philosophy. On the contrary, we are an open book about the ingredients used in our products. In the glossary you will find a complete list including short descriptions.


The composition of many of our products is more than 15 years old. Designed by an experienced doctor, exclusively for the personal use of her patients. And her son is now the CEO of Health Concierge. So that many others can benefit from it as well.

Naturally healthy.

Our vision.

Behind Health Concierge stands a team of doctors. We know the human body inside out. That is why we know that people are not born with a deficiency. Environmental influences and an accelerated world are much more responsible for shortcomings. However we have very good news, it is never too late or too early to do something for your own health.

It gets even better: With a little bit of initiative, a higher level of well-being can be achieved quite easily – without any chemical clubs. Our natural nutrients are designed to help you do exactly that. Because we all want to live an active and happy life into old age. The best thing to do is to start today.

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It lies within our nature.

Environment and sustainability..

The naturalness of our products is what makes us special. We obtain the ingredients from close by: Austria and Germany. In this way we can guarantee the best quality and keep the transport routes as short as possible. Additionally  our products are free of flavouring agents and any other additives.


For us, sustainability also means that the packaging must be environmentally friendly. That is why we try to use as little plastic as possible and use environmentally friendly materials such as glass and cardboard.

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